Balenciaga Offers High-Heeled Stilettos Resembling White Sport Socks for £1,200

Balenciaga has introduced a unique fashion statement with their latest offering—a pair of stilettos that closely resemble white sports socks, priced at £1,200. This trendy fashion brand has combined the elegance of high heels with the casual look of sports socks, resulting in a distinctive footwear choice.

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These stilettos feature a substantial heel, adding a touch of sophistication to the otherwise sporty appearance. Crafted from polyamide, a material commonly used for making socks, they offer a blend of comfort and style for formal occasions.

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Their ribbed knit effect makes these shoes even more intriguing, reminiscent of casual sports hosiery. Balenciaga has managed to merge the worlds of formal footwear and sporty comfort into a single design.

These stilettos are in sizes three to eight and are designed to make a bold fashion statement. Notably, a pack of three similar-looking white socks can be purchased for just £7.99 at Sports Direct. Still, unlike the Balenciaga stilettos, these socks lack any Balenciaga logos or branding.

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The product description provides additional details: “Rib knit bootie—the five-finger shape at the toe. Stiletto heel, black sole, wipe with a soft cloth. Material 90% polyamide, 10% elastane.”

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Balenciaga is a favoured brand among A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian and sports stars like Manchester City and England’s Jack Grealish. However, the brand faced criticism in November for an advertisement campaign that featured bondage bears alongside children, sparking controversy.


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