A Decade of Skalptec: Leading the Way in Scalp Micropigmentation Innovation

Celebrating ten years of unparalleled service, Skalptec remains at the forefront of the scalp micropigmentation (SMP) industry, delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Skalptec, led by the esteemed Terry Jones, is acclaimed for its innovative hair tattoo treatments. It has offered solace, remarkable results, and enhanced confidence to both men and women facing hair loss, establishing itself as a beacon of hard work, excellence, and reliability in the realm of SMP services.

Initially founded in the heart of Liverpool in early 2014, Skalptec’s flagship clinic subsequently moved to Ormskirk. The brand has since expanded its presence, opening clinics in Ormskirk, Shrewsbury, Newcastle, the Netherlands, Jersey, and London, affirming its dedication to providing accessible and high-quality care.

At the core of Skalptec’s achievements is Terry Jones, a visionary SMP technician whose skills have been honoured with three MPUK National Winner UK awards for Best Scalp Micropigmentation Technician in the UK.

Terry’s influence extends beyond his award-winning SMP treatments. He has also made significant contributions to the SMP community as a respected speaker and presenter at international scalp micropigmentation conferences, underscoring Skalptec’s commitment to leading with quality and innovative practices in the industry.

Terry remarked, “Skalptec’s journey over the past decade has been marked by countless success stories, with thousands of individuals experiencing renewed confidence and life-changing results through our SMP treatments.

“Our commitment to employing the latest techniques and delivering personalised care ensures each client receives the best possible outcome, reflecting Skalptec’s standing as a trusted name in hair loss solutions.”

With clinics from Liverpool to key locations across the UK and Europe, Skalptec embodies the principles of trust, excellence, and unrivalled SMP services. This expansion not only makes Skalptec’s ground-breaking treatments more accessible but also strengthens its global leadership in the SMP industry.

As Skalptec commemorates this significant ten-year anniversary, the focus remains steadfast on enhancing the scope of scalp micropigmentation, bringing forth more advanced and efficacious treatments.

Under Terry Jones’s leadership and with a team of distinguished SMP professionals, Skalptec is geared to uphold its legacy of innovation and empowerment, positively affecting those dealing with hair loss at various stages.

Visit the Skalptec website for more information.

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