Toikido Scores Big with Creative Campaign Reinventing Iconic Brands

In a bold and imaginative move that seamlessly blends pop culture and play, Piñata Smashlings from Toikido has unveiled an eye-catching advertising campaign that reimagines some of the world’s most famous logos using paper confetti – the same lively and colourful filling found inside the beloved Piñatas that are central to the new Roblox game and a range of accompanying toys and plushies.

From London’s prominent billboards to the iconic screens of New York’s Times Square, these reimagined logos capture the spirited essence of Piñata Smashlings. Drawing upon the inherent delight and anticipation associated with smashing open a Piñata, each adaptation presents familiar symbols transformed with a vibrant confetti twist.

The original taglines of iconic brands such as Nike, Spotify, Walmart, Adidas, and Google have been cleverly reworked to align with the Piñata Smashlings universe, lending a dual-layered charm that both pays homage to the original brands and champions the playful spirit of Piñata Smashlings.

A spokesperson for Piñata Smashlings shared, “We aimed to tap into the nostalgia and familiarity associated with well-known brands while infusing them with the playful essence of our own brand. Launching the campaign in Times Square felt like a perfect fit, especially as Toikido recently participated in the New York Toy Fair last month.”

Within the industry, experts and marketing insiders have applauded the campaign for its originality and daring approach. By taking iconic brand imagery and infusing it with a playful twist, Piñata Smashlings not only pays homage to timeless branding but also solidifies its position as an innovative and boundary-pushing toy line.

Toikido’s Piñata Smashlings toy range, a product of P.M.I. Kids’ World, is based on the studio’s wildly popular Roblox game and original IP. It hit the shelves of leading UK retailers Smyths Toys Superstores and The Entertainer last month, swiftly becoming a sensation, with eager fans clamouring to acquire these collectibles and plushies.

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