The Time Plague: A VR Adventure Born from Frustration

Experienced solo VR software developer, John Thornewill, was a fervent fan of Half-Life: Alyx. However, after completing the game and finding no similar experiences on the horizon, he decided to take matters into his own hands and craft his own immersive VR adventure.

The catch was that he lacked the substantial budget typically required for such a venture. Undeterred, John pioneered a groundbreaking development method known as “The Infinity Engine,” designed to empower small teams to create high-quality games at a fraction of the traditional cost.

The inaugural game developed using these revolutionary techniques, “The Time Plague,” seamlessly blends the finest storytelling elements from titles like Uncharted with the visually captivating steampunk aesthetic reminiscent of Bioshock. To heighten the game’s immersive quality, John incorporated various procedurally generated components.

Red Nought Limited, founded in August 2022, serves as the vehicle for harnessing the technology John Thornewill and his team had previously devised but had yet to fully exploit in other endeavors. Red Nought Games, the publishing arm, is responsible for distributing games crafted using the team’s innovative engines.

John’s advanced techniques dramatically reduce the time needed to develop intricate VR adventure games. They accomplish this by automating the creation of repetitive game content, such as visual landscapes, and streamlining the training of non-player characters. This, in turn, enables John to concentrate on the most valuable aspects of game design, particularly the main storyline and script.

“The Time Plague” picks up the narrative thread from H.G. Wells’ classic novel, “The Time Machine.” While John cherished the original work, he sensed untapped potential for further storytelling, given the somewhat abrupt conclusion of the novel. This new chapter in the story has been enriched with characters inspired by the literary creations of other illustrious Victorian-era authors.

Anticipated for Early Access release in late 2023, “The Time Plague” will invite players to engage with the game’s evolving story and gameplay elements, fostering a community to fine-tune the experience. The full release is slated for the beginning of 2024.

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