SHINONOME ABYSS – The Maiden Exorcist: Anticipated Indie Game Set to Launch

Fans of indie games can eagerly anticipate the upcoming release of SHINONOME ABYSS: The Maiden Exorcist in autumn 2024.

The new title is the second game to be developed by KADOKAWA Game Linkage and ABC Animation, who are also responsible for the much-awaited Ninja Slayer Neosaitama in Flames, scheduled for release this summer.

The game will be available on the popular gaming platform, Steam, and can be added to your wishlist now. The latest updates are being posted on its dedicated X account.

SHINONOME ABYSS: The Maiden Exorcist is an action-packed survival game featuring horror elements. It follows the story of Yono, a Miko (maiden exorcist), on a quest to find her missing exorcist brother. However, her search leads her to a mysterious and terrifying mansion filled with mononoke (yokai and vengeful spirits).

To survive, players must detect the presence of mononoke through noises or clues, but exploring these areas can also eliminate their enemies.

When Yono is in danger, another personality emerges, greatly enhancing her abilities. A key strategy for survival is to skillfully manage this personality change.

The game features three modes: “Harai,” “Misogi,” and “Gyou”. “Gyou” is the most challenging mode, where players compete to survive as long as possible in an endless dungeon. Set in a Japanese environment, the game includes numerous monster threats.

The new release draws inspiration from the previous Shinonome game on Steam. Based on user feedback, the creators have added a variety of characters and a challenging boss.

SHINONOME ABYSS: The Maiden Exorcist is available in Japanese, English, and Chinese. It is suitable for all ages and is especially recommended for retro gaming enthusiasts.

The creators commented: “The place Yono must go to is a terrifying place where mononoke reside and the very structure of the mansion changes every time one enters. Only time will tell what awaits her when she opens the sliding doors…

“Even in the gaming world, Indie games are unique because they allow the creator’s thoughts and ideas to shine through in a straightforward manner. This project aims to use Indie Games to popularize the titles that these games are based on, in not only Japan but the rest of the world as well.”

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