“Ninja Slayer Neosaitama in Flames” Set for July Release on Nintendo Switch and Steam

“Ninja Slayer Neosaitama in Flames”, a game adaptation of the popular novel and comic book, is set for release on 24 July 2024 on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

This title is the first in an indie game project between developers KADOKAWA Game Linkage and ABC Animation.

The game is based on the popular Ninja Slayer series, which has now sold more than 4.4 million copies in novels, comics, and other forms.

“Neosaitama in Flames”, which is the first part of the story, will be the stage for this game. It is an action game in which the protagonist, The Ninja Slayer, will face numerous powerful enemies in life-and-death battles.

Eight unique bosses await in various stages, and these can be tackled in any order of the player’s choosing.

The project is a collaboration between ABC Animation, which has been creating animation IP, and KADOKAWA Game Linkage, which has long been involved in games as a game media company, with Famitsu and Dengeki Game under its belt. This is a joint initiative to produce a high-quality indie game.

ABC Animation and KADOKAWA Game Linkage will have a booth at Bit Summit Drift, one of the largest national indie game events in Japan, where they will be showcasing “Ninja Slayer Neosaitama in Flames”. The event takes place in Kyoto on 19-21 July.

Even in the gaming world, indie games are unique because they allow the creator’s thoughts and ideas to shine through in a straightforward manner. This project aims to use indie games to popularise the titles that these games are based on in Japan and the rest of the world.

Bradley Bond, one of the creators of Ninja Slayer, said: “The Ninja Slayer franchise itself is heavily influenced by several classic video games. The “Neosaitama in Flames” version is particularly nuanced, so it should be a good fit for a side-scrolling action game.

“I’ve heard that there will be a series of battles with Laomoto Khan and I am extremely excited about that. I’m looking forward to a game which will have the atmosphere of karate and ninja!”

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