Football Transfers Trivia Launches: A Must-Play Game for Every Football Enthusiast

Today heralds the debut of Football Transfers Trivia, a captivating game crafted for football fans to demonstrate their knowledge of Premier League transfers.

Drawing inspiration from a segment on Sky Sports featuring Jamie Carragher and Daniel Sturridge, Football Transfers Trivia invites players to identify the top 100 Premier League transfers based on the transfer fee and clubs involved.

Phil Smith, creator of Football Transfers Trivia and director of the Brighton-based web agency amillionmonkeys, shared his excitement: “Football Transfers Trivia is a simple game designed to test your memory of key moments in the Premier League history. It’s a bit of fun will be for football fans what the Tube Map Memory Game was for commuters.”

Since its soft launch last week, the game has been attracting attention, with most players recognising over 50% of transfers within two days, yet only 2% have completed the game to date.

How to Play Football Transfers Trivia:

  • Visit to view a list of Premier League Transfers.
  • To guess a transfer, type the player’s surname in the search box.
  • No registration or login required; your progress is saved automatically when you close the tab.
  • Correct guesses reveal the player’s name and image, and your score (visible in the top right) increases.
  • For hints, click on any transfer for more details or filter by team for a more focused experience.

About the Game’s Creator:

Phil Smith, a web developer and the director of Brighton’s amillionmonkeys, is the brain behind Football Transfers Trivia. Earlier this year, amillionmonkeys launched 5Tracks, a game that challenges music fans to identify five tracks as quickly as possible.

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