Collaborate with the World’s Fastest-Growing Interactive Fashion App, Pocket Styler, to Launch Virtual Collections for Fashion & Accessories Brands

Forward-thinking fashion and accessory brands now have an exclusive opportunity to elevate their sales and brand recognition by joining forces with the world’s fastest-growing interactive mobile fashion app.

Since its launch in May 2021, Pocket Styler has become a global phenomenon, amassing over 17 million downloads and captivating a dedicated community of 100,000 players who spend a collective 10,000 hours on the app each day.

This digital game empowers players to unleash their creativity by styling and accessorising their avatars for daily themed events, while fellow gamers vote on their outfit choices. The app currently offers a staggering 310+ trillion possible combinations of outfits, with over 10.5 million looks submitted weekly and more than 10 million outfit votes cast daily.

With 70 percent of users aged over 25 and 85 percent identifying as female, partnering with Pocket Styler provides an unparalleled opportunity for fashion and accessory brands to showcase their collections to a fashion-conscious audience with disposable income.

For the first time ever, dynamic brands are invited to submit a pitch to collaborate with Pocket Styler, presenting digital versions of their collections or even creating unique items specifically designed for avatars within the app.

In addition to increasing brand exposure to millions of users worldwide, these partnerships have the potential to significantly boost traffic to brands’ own online stores, as gamers are directed to shop for real-world items as part of in-game challenges. The recent partnership with London-based fashion designer David Koma, for example, resulted in a staggering 600 percent increase in traffic to

Moreover, the app serves as a crucial testing ground for brands to experiment with new ideas before transitioning them into physical production.

Pocket Styler’s pitch aims to seamlessly incorporate fashion and accessories brands into the game, offering an unparalleled opportunity for emerging labels to collaborate with established industry leaders.

Only a limited number of places are available, with pitches scheduled to take place throughout the summer.

Victoria Trofimova, co-founder and CEO of Nordcurrent, the producer behind Pocket Styler, stated, “The Pocket Styler audience lives and breathes fashion. Introducing more real-world fashion brands into Pocket Styler is a natural progression as the game continues to grow, and this initiative is wholeheartedly embraced by millions of players.”

For further details or to pitch for a place in the brands’ program, please email: KRISTINA.ALKEVICIUTE@NORDCURRENT.COM

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