Windsor Tops UK’s Pizza-Loving Cities, London Falls Behind

According to a revealing study by, Windsor has emerged as the UK’s most passionate city for pizza, overshadowing even London. The study examined factors such as the number of pizza outlets, the balance between boutique and chain pizza establishments, and the volume of pizza-related internet searches relative to a population of 100,000.

The data shows that Windsor, with its 155 pizza venues, leads the pack with an average of 2791 monthly searches for pizza per 100,000 people. The city’s popular pizza destinations include one each of Dominos, Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, Zizzi, and Franco Manca, with Dominos alone garnering significant monthly search interest.

Canterbury follows as the second most pizza-loving city, boasting six chain pizzerias and a high volume of pizza-related online searches. Leeds, Liverpool, and Brighton also rank high, each offering a mix of chain and independent pizza options that cater to their local demographics.

A spokesperson for commented on the study’s findings: “It’s a pleasant surprise that Windsor is to be the most ‘pizza loving’ city in the UK, however it’s also not surprising that the other top places are very youthful student-based cities with a lot of restaurants and take-aways.”

Despite its size and number of pizza outlets, London ranks last among the top ten pizza-loving cities, indicating a lower relative interest in pizza compared to smaller cities like Windsor and Canterbury.

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