Unveiling the Era of Yeni Raki-Inspired Mixology

The arrival of “It’s Time” beckons the resurgence of raki in London, as Yeni Raki, the unparalleled global leader in raki distillation, makes its triumphant return for Cocktails in the City 2023. Expect an array of freshly crafted signature cocktails and a thrilling new collaboration with Mayfair’s distinguished establishment, Rüya.

From the 7th to the 9th of September 2023, Bedford Square Gardens shall play host to myriad enthusiasts of mixed beverages, all in search of their next refined concoction. Following the triumphant outcome of the July event, which witnessed the Yeni Raki booth brimming with vivacity, anticipation once again escalates, ignited by the revelation of an alliance with the illustrious dining haven and bar, Rüya.

Fueling the fervor surrounding this exclusive partnership is the esteemed luminary in the realm of culinary critique and Cocktails in the City adjudicator, Douglas Blyde. He avers, “Undoubtedly, your collaboration with the exceptional Rüya at Cocktails in the City shall transcend excellence. Your Yeni Raki station at the prior event was unparalleled in extending genuine and unswerving hospitality. The Basil Sour Dem cocktail, in particular, left an indelible impression.”

For those who were denied the chance to partake in the sold-out affair of July, September heralds the occasion to savor the legendary Basil Sour Dem firsthand. Conceived by Yeni Raki as the quintessence of a signature raki-infused libation, this rejuvenating botanical masterpiece stood as the festival’s darling, fusing Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme with basil and cucumber.

Rüya, too, introduces a pair of exclusive Yeni Raki-infused elixirs, meticulously crafted by the esteemed Head Mixologist, Francesco Medici. Making its debut at the Yeni Raki x Rüya bar is the Pear Raki Fizz, a luscious, effervescent, and invigorating blend uniting Yeni Raki 1937 with notes of lemon juice, cinnamon, apple, pear, and lemonade. Catering to every aficionado of effervescence, this delectable nectar shall also be accessible as a fruity non-alcoholic alternative. The second creation from Rüya, the Raki Berry Crush, promises to titillate the palate with its fruity medley of Yeni Raki 1937 harmonising with blackberry puree, cranberry juice, lime juice, cloves, and mint.

Nestled within London’s opulent Grosvenor House Hotel, Rüya, an embodiment of the Turkish word for “dream,” has etched its name among Mayfair’s most esteemed Anatolian dining havens. Owning allegiance to the venerable Dogus Restaurant and Management Group, a proprietor of esteemed culinary establishments like Roka and Coya, Rüya emerged as the quintessential partner for Yeni Raki.

Raki, characterised by its anise-flavored essence and a distinct liquorice-infused note reminiscent of Italy’s Sambuca or Greece’s Ouzo, takes center stage. Yeni Raki claims the coveted title of the globe’s most distinguished raki offering. Steeped in a venerable 500-year-old tradition, Yeni Raki harmonises with water and becomes a conduit for shared moments among kin and friends over mezze, elevating each sip into a tether of connection and camaraderie.

For those seeking to acquire their own vial of the Yeni Raki experience, Amazon stocks the illustrious “Yeni Raki 1937” alongside the artisanal variant “Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme.” The former embodies the brand’s original raki rendition, meticulously forged by infusing twice-distilled Anatolian grape distillate with aniseed, culminating in an unparalleled 45% premium grape spirit. Unveiled in 2020, Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme, Turkey’s maiden artisanal raki, is meticulously produced through a painstaking drop-by-drop distillation technique, utilising time-honored copper pot stills. Suma distillation extends from 48 hours to a triumphant 72 hours, achieving the apex of raki’s purity and silkiness sans any infusion of saccharine.

Envisioned for 2024, Yeni Raki’s resplendent “It’s Time” campaign, forged in collaboration with the ingenious agency, Magnetic, promises to transport the brand across the UK landscape. Collaborations with bars, designers, and festivals are set to spotlight the gamut of premium raki offerings. Impatient connoisseurs can still secure tickets for London’s September iteration of Cocktails in the City (albeit expeditiousness is advised, given its recurrent sell-out status). Attendees are encouraged to explore the Yeni Raki x Rüya booth, replete with engaging juggling antics courtesy of the enigmatic entertainer, The Professional Fool. Revel in a complimentary libation, and engage the “Spirit to Win It” wheel, a fount of prizes spanning from limited edition Yeni Raki service vessels to gratis bottles of the distinguished elixir.

Committed to fanning the flames of dialogue, Yeni Raki eagerly seeks liaisons with distributors, purveyors, hospitality consortiums, and venues spanning the breadth of the nation, each destined to introduce this premium grape-based spirit to the discerning British public.

The juncture is ripe for the UK to plunge into the voyage and acquaint itself with Yeni Raki. The occasion has arisen to embrace novelty. It’s a rendezvous with #YeniRakiTime.

To procure Yeni Raki, direct your steps towards Amazon. Likewise, for access to the September edition featuring Rüya, peruse www.cocktailsinthecity.co.uk for ticket acquisition.

Intrigued by the prospect of partnership? Now is the moment to join this expedition and inscribe your narrative. Kindly reach out to: yenirakiglobal@diageo.com

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