The Hidden Sea Launches #LineInTheSand Campaign to Tackle Plastic Pollution

In honor of Plastic Free July, The Hidden Sea, a premium Australian wine brand, is urging UK wine drinkers to take a stand against plastic pollution and make a difference. With an alarming estimate of 170 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans, the brand is calling on individuals to draw a #LineInTheSand and make one small change to reduce single-use plastic consumption.

The Hidden Sea is known for its commitment to ocean conservation. For every bottle sold, they remove 10 single-use plastic bottles from the ocean, totaling an impressive 23 million pieces of plastic removed so far.

Co-founder of The Hidden Sea, Justin Moran, encourages Brits to join the cause by making simple changes, such as picking up a piece of rubbish from the beach and disposing of it properly, switching to shampoo bars and glass milk bottles, using reusable bottles, and opting for sustainable alternatives like beeswax food wrappers instead of clingfilm.

Participants can also support the cause by switching their usual wine brand to The Hidden Sea during July, knowing that their purchase will contribute to the removal of plastic from the ocean. The brand’s premium Australian wines, which are 100% vegan friendly, include a delightful strawberries-and-cream rosé, a stone-fruit-led Chardonnay, a zesty Sauvignon Blanc, a mouth-watering Shiraz, and a well-crafted Red Blend.

The Hidden Sea’s wines are intrinsically linked to the sea, originating from the Limestone Coast, an area formerly covered by the Great Southern Ocean. With a passion for both quality wine and ocean preservation, The Hidden Sea invites wine drinkers to be part of the #LineInTheSand campaign and help combat plastic pollution for a cleaner and healthier environment.

For more information on the campaign, follow The Hidden Sea on Instagram at @thehiddenseawine. Let’s all take a step towards reducing plastic waste and saving our oceans, one small change at a time.

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