Quiznos Offers $5,000 Prize for Ultimate Spring Break Sub Crawl

The renowned sandwich franchise Quiznos is setting the stage for an extraordinary spring break road trip contest, promising a grand prize of $5,000 to the sub enthusiast who visits the highest number of Quiznos outlets and buys a sandwich at each one from March 21 to April 30, 2024.

Participants who secure the second and third places will also be rewarded handsomely, with prizes of $1,500 and $500 respectively. Moreover, those adventurous enough to visit over 10 restaurants and document their journey with receipts or photographs will be entitled to a special Quiznos t-shirt (subject to availability).

To enter, patrons are required to provide photographic evidence of their visit to any of the 150+ Quiznos locations across the US, along with proof of purchase of a sandwich, via a snapshot of the receipt.

Sheila Zimmerman, REGO Restaurant Group VP of Marketing, stated: “We wish there was a Quiznos in every town in the country, but there isn’t – yet. This has led to some of our dedicated fans driving extraordinary distances to get the world’s best subs. We want to honor those who are making the drive for their favourite subs by creating the ultimate road trip.

“There are more than 150 Quiznos restaurants on the 2900-mile trip between New Haven, Connecticut and San Clemente, CA – but how you make the trip is in your hands. We’ve provided a few suggested itineraries for inspiration. Happy spring break!”

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