Premier League clubs introduce vegan halftime food in move towards inclusivity

Premier League clubs are now offering vegan options for halftime grub, which fans seem to love. Tottenham’s stadium is selling plant-based Fish and Chips for £9.50, while Brentford has a Tomato and Garlic Sausage and Tofu Scramble Bap with Hash Browns on offer for £10. Manchester United fans can buy vegan Tikka Lamb and Chicken outside Old Trafford. Forest Green Rovers, a vegan club, are also offering Vegan Pie and Chips for £6. Non-league club Folkestone Invicta is also joining in on the trend, with Vegan Loaded Fries on the menu for the same price. Fans have been giving positive feedback, with one Spurs supporter exclaiming “Oh my God, get in my belly.” Supporters from different clubs have also expressed their excitement for the new options.

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