Momentum Brewery Debuts with a Duo of Non-Alcoholic Craft Brews

New York’s Momentum Brewery has recently introduced two innovative non-alcoholic beers. These beverages, created by the esteemed German Brewmaster Alexander Himburg, are produced at the Great-South-Bay Brewery in Bay Shore, New York. They offer the full flavour and taste expected of exceptional beer, minus the alcohol.

With a shift towards healthier and more mindful drinking habits, the demand for non-alcoholic drinks has surged. Consumers now seek out flavour-rich, alcohol-free alternatives that don’t compromise on taste or health benefits. Momentum Brewery’s pioneering brewing process is designed to meet this increasing demand, providing non-alcoholic beers that maintain both flavour and quality.

Industry connoisseurs Lars Dahlhaus and Wolfgang Menzel aim to develop Momentum into the leading Non-Alcoholic beverage producer.

Lars and Wolfgang’s extensive experience in the beverage sector informs Momentum Brewery’s creation. Their understanding of consumer preferences and market dynamics has influenced the brewery’s product range, aligning with the preferences of non-alcoholic drink aficionados.

Lars Dahlhaus stated: “It takes an exceptional brewing talent to create non-alcoholic beers that can rival their alcoholic counterparts. Alexander Himburg, a renowned German Brewmaster, has meticulously formulated Momentum Brewery’s craft non-alcoholic brews.

“Produced at the Great-South-Bay Brewery in Bay Shore, New York, the location’s rich brewing history further enhances the quality and character of our beverages.”

Momentum Brewery has embarked on a journey to produce non-alcoholic brews that enhance various consumption experiences.

Lars added: “Our first release, ‘Non-Alcoholic Golden,’ is designed as a gratifying post-activity drink. Bursting with invigorating flavours and achieving a perfect balance, it serves as a refreshing option post-exercise or outdoor pursuits.

“Conversely, our ‘Hazy-IPA’ is crafted for social occasions in restaurants or bars. Its alluring aroma, hop-centred taste, and smooth texture render it an ideal choice for those in search of a pleasurable non-alcoholic option in social settings.”

Momentum Brewery, with its team’s expertise, is poised for significant growth and recognition. The brewery’s collaboration with ProofNoMore, the nation’s largest non-alcoholic marketplace, guarantees widespread distribution and availability. This strategic partnership positions Momentum Brewery to captivate a wider health-conscious audience, marking its entry into the flourishing non-alcoholic beverage sector.

The launch of Momentum Brewery’s two craft non-alcoholic beers marks a notable advancement in the beverage industry. Committed to offering flavourful alternatives through an innovative brewing process, Momentum Brewery introduces a novel twist to the increasing demand for non-alcoholic choices. Led by a team of specialists and supported by ProofNoMore’s distribution network, this nascent non-alcoholic brewery is set to allure individuals desiring appealing and enjoyable non-alcoholic brews.

Momentum Brewery is actively crowdfunding on IndieGoGo and accepts pre-orders online at The initial distribution is centred on retailers in the NY Metro area, with the Great-South-Bay Brewery exclusively featuring Momentum NA Beers in their taprooms.

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