Model Challenges Gordon Ramsay with Her Own Beef Wellington Creation

Samantha Gangewere, a model who gained attention after her foot pictures went viral, is now taking the culinary world by storm. With a strong following of two million on Instagram (@thatboostedchick), she has recently ventured into the restaurant business with The Orchid Steakhouse. Her latest feat? Challenging renowned chef Gordon Ramsay with her take on beef wellington.

In a recent video, Samantha boldly tells Ramsay, “Watch out Gordon Ramsay, I’m coming for you”. She sets out to make her version of beef wellington unique, using an 8oz A5 Japanese Wagyu filet mignon as her “secret” ingredient.

Her method involves seasoning the steak with sea salt and black pepper, searing it for a minute each side, and then enhancing it with herbs like rosemary and thyme. She then slathers the meat with dijon mustard. The steak is placed on a bed of prosciutto di Parma and mushroom duxelles, wrapped in pastry. Egg yolk is used to seal the edges, topped with sesame seeds and a sprinkle of salt, before it’s baked for 15 minutes at 375 degrees.

Samantha suggests serving this culinary delight with a rich mushroom au Poivre sauce. At the end of the clip, she confidently asks Ramsay, “OK Gordon Ramsay, tell me, is mine better than yours?” before indulging in the dish, asserting it’s not for sharing.

Previously, Samantha made a statement in Times Square during the pandemic with a sign reading “Wash your damn hands”, while dressed in a vibrant orange swimsuit and a mask.

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