London Welcomes World Raki Week by Yeni Raki with Exclusive Culinary Experiences

London is set to embrace World Raki Week, hosted by Yeni Raki, from 4th to 10th December 2023. The city will be abuzz with a series of unique events celebrating the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, led by notable food and drink connoisseurs. Tickets for these exclusive events can be purchased at

Yeni Raki, the iconic spirit of Türkiye, is bringing an exciting array of events to London. Food and drink aficionados, including the Evening Standard’s Douglas Blyde and National Geographic’s Berkok Yüksel, will host bespoke celebrations that delve into Turkish culture with innovative interpretations.

The event series kicks off at Hoxton’s TT Liquor. Starting from Monday, 4th December, 15 cocktail enthusiasts per day can partake in a Yeni Raki mixology class in TT Liquor’s custom-designed rooms. This immersive experience will teach attendees to craft signature Yeni Raki cocktails. Tickets for this mixology adventure are available on

Thursday, 7th December features a ‘Breaking Traditions’ party hosted by National Geographic’s Berkok Yüksel at Dükkan in East London. This event promises a fusion of British and Turkish traditions, complete with a pub quiz, activities, and surprises. Secure your tickets at

On Friday, 8th December, the Evening Standard’s Douglas Blyde will host a sophisticated evening at Rüya. Limited to 20 guests, this soirée will showcase a menu by Rüya’s head chef Halit Deniz, accompanied by music from Debora Ipekel. Guests will leave with VIP goodies, including signed menus. Tickets for this exclusive dining experience are available at

The week concludes on Saturday, 9th December with the Breaking Traditions Closing Party at Dükkan, hosted by Berkok Yüksel. This vibrant finale will feature raki cocktails, mezze, music, and entertainment. Tickets can be purchased on the World Raki Week website.

For those unable to attend in person, Yeni Raki celebrations can be brought home with next-day delivery from the Yeni Raki Amazon store. Share your experiences on social media using #WorldRakiWeek and @yenirakiglobal.

Tickets for World Raki Week by Yeni Raki events start at £30 and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit to book your place or enter a prize draw for exclusive Yeni Raki merchandise.

World Raki Week by Yeni Raki schedule:
Monday 4th December – Tale of Two Continents at TT Liquor – 6.30pm – 8.30pm – £30
Tuesday 5th December – Tale of Two Continents at TT Liquor – 6.30pm – 8.30pm – £30
Thursday 7th December – Breaking Traditions with Berkok Yüksel at Dukkan – 6.30pm – 10pm- £30
Friday 8th December – A British Twist with Douglas Blyde at Rüya – 7:00pm – 9.30pm – £50
Saturday 9th December – Breaking Traditions with Berkok Yüksel at Dukkan – 6.30pm- 10pm – £30
+ A series of social and digital activities throughout the week
Visit to secure your place at the table for World Raki Week by Yeni Raki.

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