Co-founder of World’s First Rhino Orphanage Acquires White Rhino Gin Co, Launching Exclusive Limited Edition Batch

In a remarkable fusion of conservation and craftsmanship, Pete Richardson, co-founder of the world’s first baby rhino orphanage, has acquired The White Rhino Gin Company Ltd and the Urban Rhino gin brand.

This momentous occasion not only marks a significant milestone for Pete but also introduces an exclusive limited-edition legacy batch that is set to enchant gin enthusiasts worldwide.

Pete Richardson, aged 57, was working in The Waterberg area of Limpopo, South Africa, when the rhino poaching crisis made headlines in 2012. Alongside conservationist Arrie van Deventer, Pete played a crucial role in rescuing orphaned baby rhinos and went on to establish the world’s first purpose-built facility – The Rhino Orphanage.

Despite now residing in the UK, Pete remains an active director of the orphanage. It was through this connection that he crossed paths with Belinda Chaffer, the driving force behind Waterberg Rhino UK, who introduced him to the owners of The White Rhino Gin Company.

Inspired by their shared vision, Pete expressed, “When I met Belinda and the owners of the company, it felt like destiny. We quickly realised the incredible potential to build a global brand with Urban Rhino gin while supporting the remarkable conservation efforts of both Waterberg Rhino UK and The Rhino Orphanage. I’m thrilled about the possibilities that lie ahead.”

Crafted with meticulous care, Urban Rhino is an exceptional London dry gin that has garnered high praise from customers and businesses alike. Distilled at the award-winning In the Welsh Wind distillery in Wales, its superior quality and exquisite taste have captivated gin enthusiasts worldwide.

John Heeds, one of the original founders of Urban Rhino, expressed his delight in having Pete on board to lead the brand’s future.

He said, “From our very first conversation, I was struck by Pete’s passion, and his links to rhino conservation made it an easy decision to hand over the business to him and his team. We are very proud of what we have achieved so far and couldn’t be more excited about the company’s future, in which myself and our fellow founders are still actively involved.”

As part of the acquisition, Pete secured a small stock to create an exclusive and individually numbered legacy batch, offering a tantalising preview of the exciting plans set to unfold by the end of summer.

These limited-edition legacy bottles are now available for purchase through the Urban Rhino website at

Urban Rhino Gin embodies the perfect blend of conservation and indulgence, inviting gin lovers to indulge in their passion while making a meaningful contribution to rhino preservation. With every sip, supporters of Urban Rhino join the movement to protect these majestic creatures from the threat of extinction.

For more insight into the story behind Urban Rhino gin, you can listen to this No Bull marketing podcast where all is revealed.

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