Aqua Amore Adds Avalis Glacier Water to Its Premium Selection

Aqua Amore, a distinguished UK retailer, now features Avalis Glacier Water, one of the world’s most pristine glacier water sources, in its online collection.

Avalis, an Icelandic alkaline water, is renowned for its natural alkalinity of 8.3pH. Its uniqueness lies in its source – the water originates from the Eyjafjallajökull glacier, which rises to 1860 metres and is nestled amidst tranquil landscapes. This water ranks as one of the planet’s purest, its natural mineral content imparting a unique and full-bodied flavour, completely untouched by human processes.

As a leading water brand, Avalis stands out as one of the few glacier waters accessible in the UK market, now available through Aqua Amore’s online platform.

Johan Gallani, CEO of Avalis Glacier Water, remarked: “Glacier water is an exciting new category of water. We pride ourselves on being an eco-conscious water brand, not produced in plastic bottles. The home of our water, Iceland, has many strong eco credentials and we are very proud that our water is sourced there.”

Environmental sustainability and responsibility are core principles for Avalis Glacier Water. The brand has committed to a no-plastic policy as part of its environmental initiatives.

Gallani also said: “We are delighted to be stocked on Aqua Amore as it prides itself on distributing premium waters and only stocks the best brands – and we know that Avalis is the very best quality.”

Avalis Glacier Water is available in 750ml glass bottles, both still and sparkling, and in a 500ml recyclable Tetrapak. The Tetrapak, designed for portability, is made from plant-based materials, making it an eco-friendly option for hydration on the move.

Aqua Amore is a premier online vendor specialising in the distribution of fine waters and soft drinks throughout the UK. Avalis Glacier Water can be viewed and purchased on the Aqua Amore website.

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