Škoda Introduces In-Car Fuel Payment Service in Partnership with Parkopedia

Škoda has teamed up with Parkopedia to launch the innovative Pay to Fuel service, enabling drivers to pay for petrol directly through their car’s infotainment system, bypassing the need to queue at the cash desk. This convenient service is currently operational in six European countries, with future expansions planned.

Škoda is enhancing its digital offerings by incorporating Pay to Fuel, developed in collaboration with Parkopedia. This service, which complements the existing Pay to Park feature, offers Škoda drivers a swift and hassle-free way to pay for fuel using their car’s infotainment system. Presently, this service is accessible in six European nations (details available here), with intentions to include additional countries and petrol stations moving forward.

Fuel stations compatible with Pay to Fuel are displayed on the in-car navigation system. Upon arrival, the vehicle automatically recognises the fuel station. The driver can select the petrol station and input the pump number on the infotainment screen. Post-refuelling, the fuel amount is confirmed on the screen and payment is made via debit or credit card, accepting all major card types. Notifications of the transaction are sent to the MyŠkoda app and displayed on the vehicle screen, allowing the driver to depart promptly.

All Škoda ICE vehicles equipped with either the Amundsen or Columbus infotainment systems, featuring a touchscreen of at least 9.2 inches, are compatible with this service. It requires an active Škoda Connect account with Remote Access enabled. Users must register and verify their payment card through the MyŠkoda smartphone app. Pay to Fuel, developed with Parkopedia, Mastercard, and the German FinTech company ryd, is available for all Škoda ICE models in European markets.

The service is currently available in Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with plans to expand to Portugal, Spain, and the Czech Republic.

Markus Dohl, VP of Sales & Business Development Europe at Parkopedia, commented: “We are pleased to expand our services with Škoda Auto and continue to deliver industry-leading in-car payments for their drivers. Drivers benefit from a seamless and secure payment process across all available services, accessed directly through the vehicle’s infotainment system, without having to leave the vehicle, use third-party mobile apps or re-enter payment details for each transaction. Pay to Fuel simplifies the process of fuel payments, making it just as convenient as our existing Pay to Park service which has been well received by Škoda customers since launch.”

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