RiskConcile Advocates for Automation Among Finance Firms Amid Regulatory Complexities

RiskConcile, a prominent provider of data, risk, and regulatory technology solutions in the financial sector, is advocating for finance firms to adopt automation in response to the complexities of financial regulation.

Financial regulations have long posed significant challenges for fund companies worldwide, with institutions battling a convoluted array of local and international regulations, data management issues, advancing technology, and intricate decision-making processes.

Automation is transforming financial management by significantly reducing manual labour and time, thereby enhancing accuracy and efficiency in managing risk and regulatory compliance.

Jan De Spiegeleer, CEO at RiskConcile, commented: “In an environment where regulations like MiFID, PRIIPs, and SFDR are evolving rapidly, the burden on these companies to stay compliant is enormous and keeps expanding.

“In the face of ever-growing regulatory complexity, the power of automation cannot be overstated. It’s not just about simplifying compliance; it’s about empowering finance firms to navigate these challenges with greater ease and accuracy, freeing them to focus on innovation and growth.”

A new era of tailored automation solutions is addressing the diverse needs of the financial sector, encompassing functionalities from risk data storage and market risk analysis to automated reporting and dashboard creation. These bespoke tools are becoming essential for compliance with various regulations such as MiFID, UCITS, PRIIPs, AIFMD, and SFDR.

Jan De Spiegeleer added: “This technological revolution signifies a broader trend in the financial industry towards greater efficiency and accuracy. At RiskConcile, we’re bringing solutions to the market that aim to reduce the burden of risk and compliance. This innovative technology empowers financial firms to rise above the complexities of regulations and dedicate more resources to managing their portfolio.”

For more insights into automation in financial management, please visit www.riskconcile.com.

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