“Get Paid. Pay back. Share.” – TABBit: A New Wave in UK’s Payment Sharing

TABBx Ltd, an innovator in the fintech sector, proudly announces the introduction of TABBit, an innovative application that revolutionises the way payments are shared amongst friends and relatives in the UK. Its catchphrase, “Get Paid. Pay back. Share.”, perfectly captures TABBit’s objective: to streamline financial dealings among peers, ensuring they’re quick, effortless, and secure.

Boy-Anthony Kuhne, TABBit’s CEO and an ex-VP at Mastercard, emphasises the app’s distinctiveness: “TABBit is not just about splitting bills or managing group expenses. It’s about eliminating the hassle of exchanging bank details or installing multiple apps. Our app ensures secure transactions directly through users’ banking apps, powered in a secure and safe way by Open Banking.”

The hallmark of TABBit lies in its straightforwardness and security. The app allows users to request payments without necessitating the sharing of sensitive data or mandating the download of the same app by recipients. Transactions are conducted quickly and safely via the users’ personal banking applications.

Compatible with numerous UK banks, TABBit boasts a user-friendly interface for dividing expenses such as rent, utility bills, meals, and travel costs. Kuhne adds, “Gone are the days of tedious financial chores. With TABBit, settling up is a breeze.”

Currently available for download, TABBit ushers in a fresh epoch of financial exchanges, where sharing payments is as simple as sending a text on WhatsApp or any other messaging service. “Get Paid. Pay back. Share.” – TABBit reimagines how friends and family handle financial interactions, prioritising ease, security, and speed.

Discover more about how TABBit is revolutionising payment request sharing at www.tabbit.uk.

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