CredAbility Unveils New App Features to Help Members Make Personalised, Smart Financial Decisions

CredAbility, the free app that allows you to check your credit report and improve your credit score, has announced new functionality to help members gain even more confidence in managing their finances.

The enhanced CredAbility app will now provide members with weekly updates, allowing them to track changes, spot trends, and monitor the impact their financial decisions have on their reports. It will also provide analysis of how different financial behaviours influence their credit score movements and explain the reasons why.

Members will also receive bespoke money-saving offers and deals, alongside tailored tips and advice to help improve their financial wellbeing.

In addition, they’ll be shown loans, credit cards, and finance products they’re likely to be approved for based on the borrowing power of their credit score. They can apply for these products with confidence, knowing they’ll be approved.

Powered by Equifax, CredAbility is completely free to download and use forever. It aims to help its members borrow better, save better, invest more easily, and ensure they’re adequately protected to empower them to be their financial best.

Nikolaos Charalampous, chief executive of CredAbility, said: “Your credit score is a critical part of your financial health and managing it has never been more important, regardless of whether you’re starting out in life or financially secure.

“There is lots of generic advice and guidance out there, but we’re bringing a far more personalised approach to finance, to help people achieve their personal goals.

“We’re excited about the new enhancements we’ve made to the CredAbility App – and have several more in the pipeline to be announced later this year – which will greatly improve our members’ relationship with their money.”

According to a YouGov poll, only half of Brits regularly check their credit score despite 48% of individuals believing it’s ‘very important’ to maintain a good credit score.

Of those checking their scores, just over half actively do anything to try to improve them.

The CredAbility App can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

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