ESC Introduces Ethical Fashion Line with a Fusion of Tokyo-Inspired Designs and Japanese Craftsmanship

Tokyo’s new fashion sensation, ESC, has just unveiled its latest collection, offering a blend of quality fashion and lifestyle products. The brand is making waves with its unique approach that melds together various global influences with a distinctly Tokyo touch.

At the core of ESC’s philosophy is the creation of practical products, with a keen focus on premium materials and superior craftsmanship. This approach is not just about style; it’s a commitment to ethical production and sustainability, using natural materials to enhance their inherent qualities.

The newly launched collection is a reimagining of classic workwear, elevated by high-quality materials, elegant silhouettes, and meticulous details. In collaboration with Japan’s time-honoured textile makers, ESC has developed original organic cotton fabrics. The brand’s dedication to natural colouring methods, using herbal and mineral dyes, results in a refined and subtle colour palette, reflecting ESC’s design ethos.

This collection is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a beacon of hope in tumultuous times, encapsulating the brand’s dedication to quality. The designs are a harmonious blend of contemporary colours, music, and street culture, interwoven with traditional Japanese craftsmanship. This creates an understated, ethically luxurious look that transcends gender, age, and time.

ESC’s collection includes an array of items such as jackets, hooded coats, t-shirts, trousers, bags, caps, and belts, all embodying the brand’s philosophy.

The clothing line features timeless designs like hooded coats and trousers, infused with a modern twist. These pieces are crafted from 100% organic cotton, dyed with natural pigments, and produced in collaboration with Japan’s renowned fabric artisans. The Anthracite nylon collection stands out for its practicality and environmental consideration, made from eco-friendly custom nylon fabric.

In accessories, ESC elevates the classic 5-panel cap with luxurious materials like organic cotton and pure silk, dyed using traditional methods. The bags, inspired by vinyl records, blend Origami and Yose-zaiku techniques, using only cotton canvas for an ethical touch. The belts, featuring top-quality aluminium buckles, are another highlight of the collection.

The upcoming dog collection includes collars, harnesses, and leads, all made from premium organic cotton sailcloth and coloured with mineral pigments, showcasing Japanese craftsmanship’s brilliance.

The textiles used in the collection are a testament to traditional Japanese artistry. The Takashima textile, known for its cotton-like texture, is an ESC original, made from unbleached organic cotton yarns. The Enshu typewriter fabric, produced by a historic textile maker in the Enshu district, retains the natural texture and colour of unbleached cotton.

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection and the evergreen collection will be available for pre-sale exclusively online from Saturday, 25 November, with prices listed on the official ESC website.

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