BAEKKE Unveils New Brand and Introduces Colour-Coded Sustainable Jewellery in the UK

BAEKKE, the Danish sustainable jewellery brand, is thrilled to reveal its fresh brand identity and announce its debut in the UK market. Timed perfectly with the growing interest in coded jewellery inspired by the ‘Pear’ dating ring, BAEKKE takes this concept a step further, empowering wearers to tell their unique stories through these one-of-a-kind pieces.

BAEKKE’s jewellery showcases interchangeable coloured beads that effortlessly click on and off, offering wearers the freedom to personalise their jewellery based on their mood, style, or even convey subtle coded messages. Beyond being a mere accessory, BAEKKE’s jewellery serves as a medium for genuine self-expression, enabling individuals to communicate their values, support causes, or share aspects of their gender identity or neurodiversity.

The launch of the brand-new Shopify website ( marks an exciting chapter in the brand’s journey, with its fresh style reflecting its dedication to innovation, individuality, and sustainability. Lene Schødt, the founder, elucidates, “Our jewellery isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about making a statement. BAEKKE’s designs empower individuals to proudly wear their beliefs and identity.”

While celebrating diversity and individuality remains a core focus, BAEKKE remains unwavering in its commitment to sustainability. The brand embraces a ‘cradle-to-cradle’ philosophy, ensuring that each piece is thoughtfully designed for effortless recycling and reuse. This approach seamlessly aligns with BAEKKE’s ethos of mindful consumption, advocating for quality, versatility, and environmental responsibility.

BAEKKE’s jewellery encourages extended use, countering the impact of single-use plastics. The brand acknowledges that, when managed responsibly, plastic can serve as a valuable resource for sustainability. Unlike materials with higher melting points, such as glass, which demand substantial energy for recycling, plastic can be repurposed with significantly lower energy consumption. The clever design further ensures effective material separation for recycling.

As BAEKKE unveils its fresh brand identity and website, it embarks on a vibrant era in the UK and beyond. The brand is set to launch social media campaigns and plans for a London pop-up event are already in motion. With values rooted in innovation, self-expression, and environmental consciousness, BAEKKE resonates with a growing community of conscientious consumers of all generations who seek authenticity and purpose in their style choices.

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