DVDs Starring Laurence Fox Found in Charity Shop for £1

DVDs featuring the actor Laurence Fox have been discovered in a charity shop, available for just £1. These DVDs contain episodes from the popular ITV series “Lewis,” in which Fox played the role of DS James Hathaway.

“Lewis” is a murder mystery drama set in Oxford, aired from 2006 to 2015. The series was well-received by audiences during its run.

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However, the DVDs turning up in a charity shop at such a low price follows Laurence Fox’s recent controversial comments, which led to his dismissal from GB News.

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One shopper commented, “Someone probably wanted to get rid of them, considering his recent behaviour. I’m sure whoever picks them up will enjoy watching the show. He’s a decent actor, and the series is quite good. But these days, it seems like having anything associated with him in your house is making a statement. As good as the show may be, nobody wants to argue with their loved ones over Laurence Fox.”

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Laurence Fox sparked controversy when he commented about a female journalist during his appearance on Dan Wootton’s show, where he questioned what a “self-respecting man” would do in certain situations. These comments resulted in his dismissal from GB News and the suspension and later firing of fellow host Calvin Robinson, who had expressed support for Fox and Wootton.


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