Warma UK Empowering Families to Enhance Home Energy Efficiency with Home Upgrade Grant

Warma UK has embarked on a mission to empower families throughout the UK in their quest to enhance home energy efficiency, all thanks to the Home Upgrade Grant. Local councils have entrusted Warma UK with the vital task of assisting households in elevating their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating from D to G by offering financial support for energy efficiency enhancements.

A staggering £630 million in grant funding is at the disposal of successful local authorities until March 2025. Warma UK are offering measures such as insulation, boiler and heating upgrades, solar panel installation, air source heat pumps and Low Energy Lighting to eligible households.

Rob Garner, Director of Warma UK, highlighted the significance of these improvements, stating, “By improving EPC scores of households, houses become more energy efficient thereby reducing their monthly bills,” said Warma UK Director, Rob Garner. “The grant also helps reduce carbon emissions from the home which has a positive impact on both climate change and air quality in cities across the country.”

Warma UK is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that all eligible households seize this golden opportunity to enhance their homes’ energy efficiency. With the substantial funding available until March 2025, homeowners are encouraged to apply for the Home Upgrade Grant and reap its myriad benefits.

The Home Upgrade Grant has been strategically devised to enable households to trim their energy costs and lower their carbon footprint. Through energy efficiency enhancements, families can enjoy tangible savings on their energy bills while actively contributing to a greener future.

Emma Garner, COO of Warma UK, emphasised their dedication to aiding households across the UK in their quest for enhanced energy efficiency and reduced energy expenditure. She remarked, “We are committed to helping households across the UK improve their energy efficiency and reduce their energy bills,” said Warma UK COO, Emma Garner. “The Home Upgrade Grant is a great way for households to make energy efficiency improvements and take advantage of the grant’s benefits.”

The time is ripe for homeowners to seize the opportunity presented by the Home Upgrade Grant and capitalise on its multitude of benefits. With a substantial funding pool accessible until March 2025, Warma UK is playing a pivotal role in empowering families across the UK to elevate their home energy efficiency to new heights.

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