The Home Upgrade Show: Transforming Residences into Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly Havens

For homeowners residing in older properties, the quest to create energy-efficient, healthy, and environmentally friendly homes has just become more accessible. The Home Upgrade Show, a key component of Greater Manchester’s inaugural Retrofit Action Week, will take place at Manchester’s iconic Victoria Baths on October 13th-14th.

This event offers homeowners the opportunity to explore possibilities for their homes, receive personalised advice, and gain the confidence needed to make informed decisions. Over 50 manufacturers, suppliers, installers, and experts will be on hand, offering services and products designed to make homes warmer, more cost-effective to run, and eco-friendlier. Experts will be available to provide guidance on energy-efficient measures such as insulation, high-quality double-glazing, and basic draught-proofing.

The trend of upgrading homes with energy-efficient measures is gaining momentum as people grapple with the reality of escalating energy costs. Therefore, residents across Greater Manchester and beyond will benefit greatly from interacting with numerous experts gathered in one place, all dedicated to ensuring the safe and effective energy efficiency of older homes.

Tickets are free for those who pre-book, providing an invaluable local opportunity to receive personalised advice on how to reduce heat loss in your home.

A significant portion of the show will focus on cleaner and greener heating solutions. The Heat Pump Federation will lead workshops, and a Heat Pump Clinic will provide guidance on transitioning heating systems away from fossil fuels or making them more cost-efficient.

British Gas, a major player in the home energy sector, has teamed up with Low Carbon Homes to support Retrofit Action Week (RAW). The week will commence with a Green Open Homes event on October 7th, organised by People Powered Retrofit. This event allows individuals to visit retrofitted properties in Manchester and engage in conversations with homeowners about the experience of living in energy-efficient homes.

While energy prices have seen a decline since their peak in 2022, they remain significantly higher than 2020 levels and are unlikely to revert anytime soon. Additionally, the occurrence of wildfires and unusual weather patterns serves as a reminder that the climate crisis persists. Investing in measures to safeguard your household budget and home from future uncertainties is a prudent move.

“We’ve assembled a unique gathering of experts, local and national businesses and community organisations all eager to support homeowners on their path towards greener, healthier and better homes. It will be an enjoyable, inspirational and sociable event for all attendees – and set in the easy-to-reach historic Victoria Baths venue,” concludes event organiser Graham Lock, founder of Low Carbon Homes.

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