The Future of the Commodities Market Analysed by TELF AG

TELF AG comments on the forecasts for the global commodities market”, the newest TELF AG publication, pays patricular attention to the trend of the global raw materials market, studying potential price fluctuations amongs the varying factors that could have an impact.
TELF AG examines the raw materials market in its entirety, investigating its state of health in this particular historical situation and placing it in direct relationship with all those external variables that could produce major changes in it, such as geopolitical factors and the growing demand for critical raw materials linked to the global energy transition.
The publication starts from here, highlighting the renewed emphasis that global and European institutions continue to place on the topic of reducing emissions and the progressive abandonment of fossil fuels, also talking about the sustainable objectives to be achieved for the next decade. One of the most widespread fears is linked to the possible effects that a greater quantity of investments in renewable energy – i.e. in all those energy sources capable of ensuring a clear reduction in emissions – could have on the fuel sector fossil fuels and all those who depend to a large extent on them, raising clear questions about the fluidity of this generational transition, now considered inevitable, between fossil fuels and renewable energies.
TELF AG also cites some data that could be of fundamental importance for a full understanding of the ongoing trends: nowadays, for every dollar spent on fossil fuels, 1.7 are spent on renewable energy, and this figure is almost certainly destined to rise. Therefore, the world is heading at great speed towards a reality dominated by the clean power of renewable energy, however we may have to deal with the possible repercussions of this transition on the energy market linked to fossil fuels. This specific sector, as stated in the publication, could also be slowed down by the foreseeable weakness of demand, particularly in the long term, when the ecological transition will be before our eyes.
TELF AG also takes into consideration the possibility that the quantities of critical raw materials necessary for the global energy transition may not be sufficient to satisfy demand, which is also destined to rise.

To find out more, readers are advised to read the full publication.

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