Thallo Partners with SOCIALCARBON for Registry Integration

Thallo, a trailblazing climate tech company, has announced a new integration with SOCIALCARBON, an ICROA-endorsed registry that sets standards for nature-based solutions with measurable social, environmental, and economic benefits for local communities.

SOCIALCARBON becomes the third registry to be linked into Thallo’s innovative two-way carbon bridge. This bridge facilitates the secure movement of carbon credits from a registry onto and off a public blockchain. The integration of SOCIALCARBON’s credits, known as “Social Carbon Units,” complements Thallo’s existing connections with and BioCarbon Registry. The former primarily issues engineered carbon removal credits, while the latter focuses on nature-based carbon avoidance credits.

Ryan Gledhill, Co-founder and CEO of Thallo, stated, “Today’s announcement is a significant stride towards providing our customers access to the entire carbon market. We are excited to collaborate with SOCIALCARBON, a standard that shares our dedication to environmental and social welfare, while also embracing cutting-edge technology for innovation.”

Mike Davies, CEO of the Social Carbon Foundation, expressed enthusiasm about enhancing their network of project developers and buyers through strategic partnerships. He highlighted the additional liquidity options that this integration brings to project developers utilising the SOCIALCARBON Standard.

Thallo has already introduced its Carbon-as-a-Service offering, enabling customers to use the company’s two-way bridge to access carbon credits that have been tokenised on the blockchain. Thallo’s carbon marketplace, allowing carbon buyers to directly purchase credits from project developers, is slated for launch in the near future.

SOCIALCARBON is an international Greenhouse Gas (GHG) standard focusing on holistic Nature-Based Solutions. Since its transition from a co-benefit standard to a full standard in 2022, six projects have been listed, with an anticipated pipeline of 30 projects for 2024. Endorsed by ICROA and conditionally approved under CORSIA, SOCIALCARBON operates a blockchain-based registry, leveraging advanced technology to enhance the auditability, transparency, and security of SCUs (Social Carbon Units) issued under its Standard.

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