Sustainability Triumphs at The 151st Open, Saving Nearly 90k Plastic Bottles from Landfills and Oceans

The 151st Open held at Royal Liverpool Golf Club witnessed a significant victory for sustainability as it successfully avoided the sale and use of tens of thousands of single-use plastic bottles. This remarkable achievement was made possible by the innovative hydration solutions provided by Sweden’s water purification and beverage innovator, Bluewater, showcasing that environmental responsibility can align with sporting excellence.

Founder and CEO of Bluewater, Bengt Rittri, celebrated the major sustainability win, stating, “In a triumph for the planet, the week-long 151st Open at Royal Liverpool prevented 87,966 single-use 500 ml plastic bottles from ending up in landfills and oceans by using our innovative Bluewater hydration stations.” This achievement highlights that large-scale events like The Open can prioritise ecological responsibility without compromising quality or convenience.

Bluewater’s cutting-edge hydration solutions offered on-site water purifiers and dispensers to golfers, fans, staff, officials, and volunteers. By simply refilling their reusable water bottles at conveniently placed Bluewater stations throughout the venue, attendees not only quenched their thirst but also played a crucial role in reducing global plastic waste. Each refill at these eco-friendly hydration stations contributed to minimising carbon footprints and protecting precious oceans from the inundation of plastic bottles.

Philip Russell, Bluewater’s UK-based events chief, praised The R&A’s commitment to sustainability, setting an inspiring example for future sporting events worldwide. He emphasised that embracing innovative and smart water solutions like those offered by Bluewater can make a real difference in addressing today’s pressing environmental challenges, particularly excessive single-use plastics. The sporting event community can act as a catalyst for awareness-raising and behavior change.

Bluewater’s unique offerings are revolutionising hydration solutions while minimising the impact on the environment. The company’s advanced water purification systems effectively remove impurities, including PFAS chemicals and microplastics, from tap water, providing purified and refreshing drinking water on demand. This eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles with their high-carbon production and transportation.

Complementing the purified water dispensers, Bluewater offers a premium range of bespoke refillable bottles made of high-grade materials like stainless steel and borosilicate glass. These refillable vessels serve as ideal counterparts for event organisers, suitable for use across retail merchandise, VIP gifting, and promotional campaigns.

Bengt Rittri emphasised the accessibility of sustainable hydration, stating, “The great thing about sustainable hydration is that it’s accessible to everyone. Whether you’re an athlete competing in a high-profile championship or simply someone going about your daily routine, making conscious choices about how you hydrate can make a big difference.”

The success of sustainable practices at The 151st Open demonstrates the positive impact of collective efforts in tackling environmental challenges and promoting a greener future.

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