Superfy Unveils Tailored Disposable Vape Collection and Recycling Solution, Elevating Sustainability and Safety in the Industry

Superfy, a pioneer in sustainable smart resource management solutions, has introduced a specialised disposable vape collection and recycling solution at the Resource & Waste Management Expo (RWM), the UK’s premier event for recycling, resource, waste, and environmental services. This innovative blend of software and smart container technology promises to enhance safety and operational efficiency in the collection of vape products.

Recent estimates reveal that a staggering 1.3 million single-use e-cigarettes or ‘vapes’ are discarded in the UK every week[i]. The disposable vape sector is projected to reach a global market value of US$14 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2%[ii]. The surge in waste generated by disposable vapes has put immense pressure on manufacturers and distributors. The inclusion of battery-based components in these products has also raised safety concerns, emphasising the critical need for a tailored approach to collect and recycle such items.

Ronan Quinlan, CEO of Superfy, commented on the launch, stating, “We are delighted by the positive feedback we have received from our customers regarding our sustainability-driven solutions. The disposable vape market is one of our key focuses, where we aim to address safety, collection, and recycling challenges in the sector.”

The Superfy cloud-based software platform, equipped with sensors and smart containers, continuously monitors the fill levels of vapes within the containers and detects any temperature spikes. This real-time information is utilised to optimise collection routes and enhance safety through automatic SMS and email alerts. The solution is specifically designed for disposable vapes and other battery-based products, offering vape manufacturers a practical means to recycle their products after consumer use. Additionally, the Superfy platform provides immediate sustainability metrics, including CO2 savings and material reusage data, along with comprehensive reports on vape unit collections.

Superfy recognises the potential for synergy between its vape solution and battery recycling initiatives. The company is currently supporting a nationwide battery recycling program in Australia, promoting the installation of battery-drop-off bins in supermarkets, schools, and large recreational facilities. In its first year of operation, this smart technology contributed to a reduction in operational costs associated with 14,000 collections of 1,000 tonnes of batteries across more than 5,000 collection points[iii].

By offering tangible smart containers, sensor tracking, and real-time data, Superfy is bridging the gap in end-to-end battery recycling, demonstrating that extended producer responsibility requirements are met.

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