Superfy Introduces Streamlined Smart Waste and Recycling Management with Seamless Integration

Superfy, a leader in sustainable smart resource management solutions, has unveiled an innovative open integration platform that unifies all smart bins for waste collection and recycling operations. This groundbreaking development, announced at the Smart City Expo, is set to redefine waste and recycling management in urban environments.

The global market for smart waste collection technology is poised for remarkable growth, projected to reach USD 3.83 billion by 2029 with a CAGR of 10.30%[1]. This surge is driven by the pressing need for efficient waste management in cities, a growing focus on sustainability, and the desire to cut operational costs.

The increasing demand for smart waste management solutions has led to a proliferation of solution providers, each offering a range of technologies to improve waste management. These solutions encompass QR codes, NFC (near field communications) and Bluetooth devices, fill-level sensors, solar-powered compactors, telematics, and workflow management software, among others. However, the diversity of options can be overwhelming for city managers and operations staff, often lacking interoperability and consolidation capabilities.

Superfy’s software platform is designed to address this challenge by providing a single, comprehensive solution for managing smart waste and recycling systems. This pioneering platform simplifies the entire process, allowing city managers to oversee all bins and technologies within a unified platform. This streamlining enhances operational efficiency and contributes to cleaner and more sustainable communities.

CEO Ronan Quinlan stated, “This marks a natural evolution of smart waste and recycling management sector. We are proud to introduce the first open platform for seamless integration for PEL Solar Compactors and other leading smart bin and fill level sensor providers worldwide, providing a more open and flexible solution for city, waste and recycling managers.”

To coincide with the platform’s launch, Superfy is offering a free trial, enabling city managers to integrate their existing infrastructure, including regular bins, smart bins, and smart assets onto the Superfy platform to experience its benefits firsthand.

Ronan Quinlan further commented, “Some of our customers are frustrated by ‘vendor lock in’ and limited functionality of their smart bin and collections management software. Often the software is limited to handling that company’s products only and creates a burden for the end customer looking to adopt other technologies. At Superfy, we think it is great to be able to mix and match, and manage all your smart bin and regular bin collections, regardless of who the supplier is, on one screen and one app. And that’s what we’re launching today.”

The Superfy platform will be showcased at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona from November 7 to 9, at the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment Stand B175. For more information, visit and follow their journey on social media @superfyofficial.

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