Revolutionary Technology ‘Roadvent’ Might Complement ULEZ in Delivering Pristine Air

A groundbreaking concept, ‘Roadvent,’ demonstrates an astonishing 91% reduction in roadside air pollution. The expansion of ULEZ’s coverage zone is scheduled for 29th August, and a daily fee of £12.50 is expected to incentivise drivers to adopt eco-friendly vehicles and opt for public transportation instead of their conventional modes of transport.

Nevertheless, despite the impending positive impact of ULEZ on overall air quality across London, the battle for clean air will not come to a standstill here. Numerous communities will still contend with poor air quality, primarily due to heavy congestion caused by modern vehicles and ULEZ-compliant polluters in various pollution hotspots.

Enter the disruptive innovation, ‘Roadvent,’ offering a viable solution to enhance air quality in challenging locations where high concentrations of pollutants pose health hazards to the community. These vents are ingeniously integrated into the roads, functioning by capturing traffic emissions and halting their dissemination towards pedestrians and nearby structures. The captured emissions then undergo a meticulous 3-stage filtration process within its roadside air cabinet.

In the aftermath of Rishi Sunak’s recent directive for a formal assessment of the Low Traffic Neighborhoods (LTN) and the numerous accusations of the scheme leading to escalated pollution on neighboring roads, numerous local authorities seek alternative means to combat air pollution. At least 5 local authorities have already initiated plans to deploy Roadvent installations at crucial hotspots within their ‘Air Quality Management Areas,’ where pollutant levels surpass the legal thresholds established by DEFRA.

Additionally, Roadvent technology is being progressively introduced at ambulance docking bays within UK hospitals. The aim is to prevent emissions from queuing ambulances from infiltrating A&E departments and jeopardising already vulnerable patients. The improvements in air quality resulting from this pioneering infrastructure intervention could have significant ramifications both indoors and outdoors. Scientists aspire to quantify Roadvent’s impact on enhancing patient outcomes, expediting treatment times, and facilitating more efficient drug delivery.

Thomas Delgado, the ingenious mind behind Roadvent and the CEO of Pollution Solution, shared his thoughts on ULEZ: “To effectively combat air pollution, we must adopt a multifaceted approach, combining measures such as ULEZ to reduce city-wide averages with localised solutions like Roadvent to alleviate peaks in overburdened areas.”

TfL (Transport for London) has not dismissed the possibility of evaluating or implementing Roadvent either. When questioned by MyLondon about the feasibility of this technology in London, a TfL spokesperson remarked, “We are eager to collaborate with innovative partners to assess the potential of new technologies in ameliorating London’s air quality.”

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