Rallying Cry for Nature: Richard Godbehere’s Bold Move with A Call to ReWild

In 2021, Richard and Jane Godbehere unveiled A Call to ReWild, a trailblazing project in the conservation field aimed squarely at mitigating the critical global biodiversity crisis.

The project is dedicated to empowering individuals to enact positive environmental changes, offering a spectrum of training, mentorship, and evocative events that aim to mend the disconnect between people and the natural environment, with the overarching goal of combating the climate crisis.

The genesis of this eco-centric venture by Richard Godbehere was motivated by an urgent call to arrest the stark decline in global wildlife populations. Having been mesmerised by David Attenborough’s documentaries in his youth and later spurred by the stark revelations in the Living Planet Report, Godbehere embarked on a determined quest to devise practical responses to the pressing environmental issues we face.

At the heart of A Call to ReWild’s strategy is the promotion of unity and collective responsibility towards the rejuvenation of nature. The project has developed a structured range of educational programmes designed to draw a broad cross-section of the community into the rewilding effort.

In collaboration with other rewilding-focused charities, A Call to ReWild is set to deliver experiential training sessions to its members, prioritising tangible techniques for biodiversity enhancement. The project also pledges to redirect its membership proceeds to further support rewilding charities, amplifying the conservation impact on pivotal natural habitats and considering partnerships with local wildlife rescue organisations.

A significant milestone for A Call to ReWild is the creation of an accessible online platform for rewilding education, enabling individuals to immerse themselves in conservation and biodiversity restoration initiatives remotely.

With a distinguished Master’s degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Derby, Richard Godbehere has turned his deep-seated passion for the environment into a pioneering green initiative. A Call to ReWild stands as a beacon of hope, striving to reverse the tide of the climate emergency through actionable steps and grassroots involvement.

Additionally, the project facilitates regular online seminars, such as the Green Circle and The Wild Bunch, fostering a digital congregation of conservation-minded individuals.

Jane Godbehere, co-founder and Richard’s life partner, has been instrumental in the birth of A Call to ReWild. Her dedication is evident in her decision to re-enter the nursing profession, supporting Richard’s pursuit of a Conservation Biology degree amidst personal health battles, including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, demonstrating her profound commitment to their shared vision.

Facing the dual challenges of biodiversity and climate crises, Richard Godbehere is a staunch believer in rewilding as the cornerstone of ecological restoration. A Call to ReWild empowers individuals to adopt rewilding practices in their personal and professional lives, advocating for the collective ability to instigate meaningful global change and pave the way for a sustainable future.

For more details, please visit www.acalltorewild.co.uk

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