Mobile Energy Advice Service Receives Funding to Benefit Hard-to-Reach Households

Keele University’s marketing experts at Socially Grown, in collaboration with Residential Energy Services, have successfully secured £373,329 in funding for a mobile energy advice service designed to assist hard-to-reach households. The funding comes from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, with support from the Midlands Net Zero Hub. This initiative is one of the 36 selected projects under the Government’s Local Energy Advice Demonstrator Programme (LEAD), which aims to provide innovative energy efficiency advice to those in need. The programme includes 9 pilot projects focused on delivering in-person, home energy advice to consumer groups in the Midlands.

Residential Energy Services (RES) has been actively engaged in offering energy subsidy awareness and advisory services since 2014, reaching over 20,000 households in the UK. RES specialises in educating homeowners about energy efficiency measures and guides them through the process, from initial advice to installation.

Socially Grown, in collaboration with RES, plans to launch a mobile energy advice service that caters to hard-to-reach and vulnerable homes. The initiative will begin in Staffordshire and Shropshire, where a community outreach and education vehicle will travel to local areas, raising awareness about energy efficiency, engaging with underserved households, and creating energy plans to reduce fuel bills and improve housing quality.

The project’s main goal is to offer immediate access to experienced energy and retrofit advisors for around 6000 households annually. The RES pop-up hub will appear in strategic locations like health centers, community centers, and rural events. The project is set to run for two years.

The project aligns with the goal of addressing energy poverty, as data from End Fuel Poverty indicates that a substantial number of households in England spend a significant portion of their income on energy bills. Additionally, many low-income households live in inefficient homes, which hinders progress toward the UK’s net zero targets.

Sarah Parry, Managing Director of Socially Grown and Residential Energy Services, stated that the initiative seeks to bring transformative change by offering personalised energy advice to underserved communities. Amanda Solloway, Minister for Energy Consumers and Affordability, emphasised the importance of providing expert advice to homeowners across the country to improve energy efficiency and reduce bills while ensuring homes are prepared for the future.

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