Inciner8 CEO Reflects on First Six Months as Growth Plans Heat Up

As more countries become switched on to the environmental benefits of incinerating waste, a new chief executive believes the incineration market is ripe for growth.

After completing his first six months as chief executive of Southport-based Inciner8, Darren Spencer reflected on the potential for global growth.

The business is a UK manufacturer of incinerators supplied around the world and it is currently growing year-on-year, with 98 percent of products exported worldwide.

Spencer, a talented business leader with global experience in the machinery industry, has joined the business to steer its next stage of development and deliver on ambitious goals for expansion and innovation.

And he believes the state of the market, with a global appetite for clean-air incineration, makes an ideal environment for the business to expand even further.

Inciner8 manufactures and supplies incinerators for customers in sectors including healthcare, municipal waste, mining, NGOs, agriculture and remote island hospitality.

Darren said: “The world has a huge waste problem, but there is only so much space for landfill. Many countries are switching on to the benefits of incineration, with businesses like Inciner8 working hard to change perceptions of this method of disposing of waste.

“Some countries, such as Sweden, for example, are using combusted waste to generate energy, while the use of incinerators in places like Japan solves the issue of lack of space for landfill. Then there is the fact that reducing waste to landfill decreases the amount of methane produced, lessening the impact on climate change.

“After my first six months in this industry, I can see huge potential for Inciner8, which uses pioneering clean-air technology and pollution control systems to help customers meet their environmental goals.

“As a responsible manufacturer, we see it as our role to educate even more people about the benefits of incineration above landfill and address any misconceptions they may have.”

With more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing sector, Spencer has the strategic thinking and commercial acumen to lead the business as it continues to build on its international reputation for innovative incineration technology, market-leading engineering, and exceptional customer service.

His remit includes expanding on this reach, supporting authorities and companies around the world as they tackle the challenges of handling waste safely, cleanly, efficiently and cost-effectively by choosing clean air incineration.

As global populations continue to grow, exacerbating the issues around relying on landfill as the primary waste disposal option, he will spearhead Inciner8’s focus on providing sustainable and affordable incineration solutions.

Spencer added: “As someone who has worked for 30+ years in manufacturing and global distribution, witnessing what the team at Inciner8 have achieved in the past few years is highly impressive, and an example of what a driven team with a clear vision can do.

“I accepted the offer to join the team after observing an industry that clearly has so much potential for growth, and a belief that Inciner8 is a business uniquely placed to become a market leader within the incineration industry.”

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