Groundbreaking Collaboration: Refik Anadol and Yawanawá Indigenous Community Launch ‘Winds of Yawanawá’ at Scorpios Mykonos

On 13th July 2023, Scorpios Mykonos witnessed the historic premiere of the revolutionary artwork series called ‘Winds of Yawanawá.’ This one-of-a-kind series was co-created by artist Refik Anadol and the Yawanawá Indigenous community from the Brazilian Amazon. Commissioned by the impact investment initiative Impact One, this groundbreaking collaboration represents a new model that strives for holistic and equitable pathways to environmental sustainability.

Yawanawá Chief Nixiwaka Yawanawá praised the project, describing it as a moment of innovation, a light amidst past challenges of cultural coexistence with Western society. Through advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), Refik Anadol artfully merges ancestral art, cosmology, and culture, creating a bridge to present their unique heritage to the world.

Refik Anadol also expressed the importance of collective and ancestral wisdom in shaping the project, highlighting the significance of incorporating the Yawanawá’s evolving perspectives into the dialogue.

The artwork series was presented on a stunning 6×4 metre screen during a special program of Scorpios Encounters, a newly launched art platform.

To shed light on this historic moment, Impact One’s CEO Mikolaj Sekutowicz hosted an insightful panel discussion titled “Possible Futures, Web3, and Indigenous-led Pathways for Global Sustainability.” The panel emphasised the vital role of indigenous knowledge and governance in localised sustainability efforts and explored the potential of cross-industry and cross-disciplinary collaboration, leveraging emergent technologies for capacity building in indigenous communities.

The unveiling event featured prayers and traditional song performances led by Yawanawá Chiefs Nixiwaka and Isku Kua, accompanied by Nixiwaka’s daughters Ninunihu and Ykashahu, and Indigenous activist Mariana Maia.

The event also marked the launch of the Winds of Yawanawá NFT collection sale, which had already sold out during the pre-sale phase. The NFT Data Paintings, part of the Genesis collection of the newly established Yawanawá & Refik Anadol ledger, utilised a special smart contract to transparently showcase the co-authorship of the community and the distribution of NFT sales proceeds. The funds generated will directly support crucial development projects in Yawanawá communities, including Aldeia Sagrada and Nova Esperança, as well as contributing to the collective Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon.

Yawanawá Chief Nixiwaka Yawanawá emphasised the empowering nature of this partnership, highlighting its significance in strengthening their village, culture, and spirituality. He expressed gratitude for having allies worldwide, enabling them to champion innovation alongside the outside world.

The Winds of Yawanawá NFT collection sales will reopen at the end of August, end of September, and mid-October 2023. Each sale will offer limited batches and be accessible on scorpioscollect.

This historic collaboration stands as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the potential of art and technology to foster positive change, cultural preservation, and sustainable development within indigenous communities.

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