Co2Analysis Forms Strategic Alliance with Advanced Systems and Technologies (ATM) for the Deployment of Carbon Accounting Across Saudi Arabia and the MENA Region

Based in Saudi Arabia, [atm] has introduced its novel service during the IBE Procurement 24 event in Riyadh.

As a pivotal energy exporter, Saudi Arabia holds a critical role in sustaining global energy stability while acknowledging the pressing need for climate-focused cooperation. The quest for a sustainable future is a collective global challenge. The Kingdom is committed to improving living standards and preserving the well-being of future generations both within and outside its borders. In pursuit of this mission, Saudi Arabia has launched the “Saudi Green” initiative, which unites government departments, the private sector, and international leaders under twin environmental campaigns. This initiative aims to pinpoint and implement strategies for accelerating climate action.

In a move to facilitate these transformative agendas, [atm] has entered into a collaboration with CO2Analysis to offer comprehensive carbon accounting services to leading enterprises and governmental institutions in Saudi Arabia. CO2Analysis is renowned for its AI-powered carbon accounting platform, which emphasizes Scope 3 emissions related to purchased goods and services. It is a notable fact that the majority of emissions for large organisations, over 80%, are categorised under Scope 3. Since its inception in 2010, CO2Analysis has conducted analyses on $2.5 trillion worth of detailed expenditure on customer products and services across 150 countries and in 32 different currencies. This has established it as the most extensive global database of Scope 3 itemised data. The combination of this vast data repository and the proven AI technology ensures that Saudi organisations can swiftly transition from the analytical phase to actionable measures to diminish their carbon footprints, aligning with the 2030 vision.

Established in 1997, [atm] is an engineering consultancy firm dedicated to aiding organisations in developing enterprise and cloud-based innovative solutions. Since its foundation, it has played a supportive role for both public and private sector entities in Saudi Arabia. [atm] has been pivotal in introducing various innovations and local content to the region and has recognised carbon accounting as an essential forthcoming service for its clientele.

Yasser AlFarhan, CEO of [atm], remarked, “Our customers have become increasingly interested in sustainability and making measurable progress in decarbonisation. This partnership brings an established carbon footprint accounting service to the region, which operates at the level of detail needed to make meaningful change for our customers. With the deadline of 2030, there is no time to waste and the CO2Analysis solution can analyze $1bn in 2 days, meaning that our customers can immediately move to action.”

Lyn Duncan, CEO of CO2Analysis, commented, “We are delighted to partner with [atm] for carbon accounting, we have had a long relationship with them helping bring innovative technology to the Kingdom and are confident that their expertise and capability will ensure a rapid uptake for the solution. Saudi is modernizing fast and sustainability is at the heart of the 2030 vision, we are excited to be part of that journey.”

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