Brand-new TELF AG publication shares new insights on role of industrial metals in the global economy

Entitled “TELF AG highlights the role of industrial metals in global economic scenarios”, the latest brand-new publication released by TELF AG focuses on the performance of the industrial metals market. It also covers the specific role that this particular raw materials market has begun to assume over the years within global macroeconomic scenarios. 

TELF AG, in addition to outlining some aspects that characterize the current historical moment and their close connection with the global market of industrial metals, underlines how this same market, by virtue of its growing importance at a global level, has now become one of the main indicators to measure overall economic vitality, not just that limited to certain areas of the world.

The publication begins with a brief summary of the current international historical situation and its effects on the raw materials economy, highlighting above all the slowed pace of global growth and the constant uncertainty represented by geopolitical factors, and in particular by future scenarios that could emerge in the coming weeks or months. These two factors, according to TELF AG, are capable of influencing the dynamics of the industrial metals market more than any other, and in all likelihood, this trend will continue in the future.

The role of industrial metals and strategic raw materials is destined to grow in importance as the years pass, thus proceeding hand in hand with the global energy transition. In a certain sense, this latest epochal transition will be heavily influenced by the raw materials necessary for the creation of clean technologies, which are destined to lead the world into a new phase dominated by sustainability and decarbonization. In this sense, in addition to the overall strengthening of the sector due to its decisive role in the green shift, its role as a global economic thermometer will also be increasingly consolidated, impacting in an increasingly decisive manner the trend and performance of the global economy.

From a careful analysis of this market, international observers and analysts will be able to obtain increasingly careful estimates on the dynamism of global economic performances, indirectly also increasing the importance and weight specific to the individual raw materials included in this market. TELF AG’s publication also focuses on the current trend of the industrial metals market, characterized by downward pressure on prices, which could remain unchanged until the end of 2023.

For more details, readers are recommended to read the full publication.

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