Asbestos Continues to be the Leading Cause of Workplace Fatalities in the UK

Asbestos remains the UK’s leading workplace killer, as revealed by new research from Enviro Skip Hire.

The research discovered that there were 2,268 mesothelioma deaths in 2021, a disease caused by inhaling asbestos fibres. Additionally, there were 537 deaths recorded in 2021 where asbestosis was mentioned on the death certificates.

Nurses, builders, and teachers are 3 to 5 times more likely to develop mesothelioma than the general population. With this in mind, it has never been more crucial to implement professional asbestos removal practices.

James Rubin, Director of Enviro Skip Hire, which specialises in asbestos removal across the UK, commented on the research. He said: “Looking at the asbestos workplace statistics is concerning. There are many different varieties of asbestos, and it has been widely utilised in construction. Asbestos is an extremely toxic material for human health. Once the material goes airborne, problems occur.

“Since asbestos is present in many common areas surrounding workplaces, such as the roofing and plumbing, it also presents a risk to the structure if disturbed. If it is damaged and ends up in a pipe, a substantial amount of renovation may be necessary.”

Mr Rubin added: “As a company, we’re often asked ‘Why is asbestos removal so important?’

“Asbestos should only be removed if it’s needed. Asbestos removal should only occur when absolutely necessary, such as when renovating a house, an office or when it has been unintentionally disturbed. If there is asbestos in a building that hasn’t been disturbed, it shouldn’t be touched; there’s no need to cause unnecessary disturbance.

“However, as soon as it has been disturbed, it needs to be removed right away by certified contractors under certain, qualifying circumstances.

“UK Governments used to have grants to aid workplaces with asbestos removal; however, this ended in 2018. If the asbestos-related workplace deaths continue to rise, then it’s an initiative the Government will want to consider bringing back.”

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