Vinylly’s Survey Reveals Generational Music Preferences in Relationships

Vinylly’s user survey from December 2023 has shed light on how different generations – Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers – perceive music’s role in relationships and social settings.

Music may be universal, but its appreciation and usage vary across age groups. Key findings of these generational disparities are outlined below, with a more comprehensive analysis available in Vinylly’s blog post on the survey results.

Spotify Wrapped: Diverse Reactions Across Ages

Spotify Wrapped’s accuracy is a hot topic, with 72% of Millennials approving, but only half of Baby Boomers and Gen Z concurring. Gen X, feeling particularly misunderstood, report a mere 33% accuracy.

Geographical Boundaries and Music Match

Only a minority of Baby Boomers (17%) and Millennials (22%) would consider relocating for a partner matched in musical tastes, in stark contrast to 44% of Gen X and 40% of Gen Z.

Road Trip Music: Preferences Across Generations

Baby Boomers show a preference for controlling the playlist during car rides, unlike Gen X and Millennials, who are more open to music discovery. Gen Z, while less stringent than Baby Boomers, still favours shared control.

Concert Experiences: Sober vs Buzzed

A significant 83% of Baby Boomers and 61% of Gen X prefer sobriety at concerts, a sentiment not as common among 39% of Millennials and 60% of Gen Z, with Millennials being the least likely to stay mostly sober.

Technology at Concerts: Generational Divide

There’s a split regarding phone usage at concerts – 50% of Gen Z are comfortable with it, indicating a shift towards digital integration, unlike 67% of Baby Boomers who prefer undistracted companions. Millennials tend to side with Baby Boomers on this issue.

Appearance or Musical Taste: What Matters More?

A hefty 83% of Baby Boomers and Millennials, and 80% of Gen Z, would choose music compatibility over physical appearance, in contrast to Gen X’s slight preference for looks.

“Music is a heartbeat that connects people, and our survey illustrates how deeply it influences relationships across generations,” said Rachel Van Nortwick, CEO and Founder of Vinylly. “From the intimacy of shared playlists to the social fabric of concerts, music weaves people together, and Vinylly is proud to orchestrate these connections.”

These survey findings highlight not only the app’s innovative matchmaking approach but also the intricate role of music in dating and social interactions.

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