Tubi’s Latest Documentary Delves into the Paranormal and UFOs: A Demonic Connection?

Tubi’s newest documentary offering takes viewers deep into the enigmatic world of UFOs, exploring their potential paranormal origins. Nick Pope, the former head of the UK Government’s UFO Desk, reveals that certain factions within the US and UK governments harbour the belief that UFOs have a demonic nature, advocating for a hands-off approach. He states: Nick Pope:

“they get this, in a large part, from a passage in the Bible in the book of Ephesians, which talks about Satan in terms of being, “The prince of the power of the air.” And this faction, through that and maybe some other things too, have convinced themselves that this or some of this may be demonic, and therefore they say that you shouldn’t engage with it, you shouldn’t study it, because that feeds it energy.”

The documentary also sheds light on the experiences of Luis Elizondo, former leader of the AATIP program investigating UFOs in the US, who was admonished by a senior Pentagon official to “leave it alone” and to “read your bible.”

Adding a scientific perspective to the discourse, the film features Prof. Avi Loeb from Harvard University, who posits the existence of extraterrestrial life in yet undiscovered dimensions of reality. He elaborates:

“If another civilization like ours existed billions of years ago, they had much more time to develop their science and technology. It is possible that they would be able to figure out if there are extra spatial dimensions and take advantage of them, using quantum gravity engineers. What that means is that if their technology is able to reach our doorstep, we would be at awe, because it would represent something we don’t possess, we don’t understand. Just like a cave dweller coming to a city like London or New York, and seeing all the technological gadgets there. There would be a sense of religious awe and we wouldn’t fully understand what we are looking at.”

Directed by the critically acclaimed filmmaker Mark Christopher Lee, known for his previous success God Vs Al, the documentary is slated for a screening in May at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France, promising to intrigue and challenge viewers with its groundbreaking revelations.

Watch trailer here:

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