“The Perfumer’s Garden” Debuts at Caversham Arts Trail

We are thrilled to announce that “The Perfumer’s Garden: Seasons and Sensations — A Reinterpretation of Renaissance Art” will be featured in this year’s Caversham Arts Trail, with an extended exhibition running until June 23rd. The showcase will commence during the Arts Trail, available on the weekends of the 11th-12th and 18th-19th of May from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and will continue through late June at the HUMOS Studio and Showroom in Caversham, Reading. Entry is free and no booking is necessary.

“The Perfumer’s Garden” offers not traditional art, but a creative reinterpretation via the medium of scent. Utilising advanced AI technology, it crafts new works inspired by the masterpieces of Bosch, Botticelli, and Arcimboldo, converting these iconic visual motifs into olfactory experiences. Each fragrance encapsulates the essence of the Renaissance, inviting visitors to interact with historical art in a novel sensory manner.

This exhibition offers an interactive sensory experience, blending the eternal allure of classic art with the innovative medium of scent. Visitors will experience a fresh interpretation of classic themes through the unique and captivating realm of olfaction.

Julie, a CAT organiser, shared her excitement: “I was very excited that Humos approached us to join CAT 2024 and upon meeting Gabriel, the owner, I knew his passion for beauty and vision for his work resonated so well with the ethos of CAT. HUMOS is a beautiful premise with perfect exhibition spaces and a natural aesthetic. I can’t wait to see the final exhibition at HUMOS and share it with those visiting the Trail.”

Since its inception by local artists in 2010, the Caversham Arts Trail has become a significant cultural fixture, this year presenting 43 artists across 20 venues. It serves as a platform for the public to interact directly with artists and their creations, nurturing a thriving community of artistic talent.

“The Perfumer’s Garden” stands out as a highlight of this year’s trail and extends beyond, providing an enhanced opportunity for visitors to explore the fusion of artistic mediums. It promises a unique journey into the reimagination of traditional art for contemporary senses.

For more information, please visit https://www.humos.co.uk/ and for details about the Caversham Arts Trail, please visit https://cavershamartstrail.co.uk .

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