PBS World Channel Showcases Latinx Photography Project, Fostering Cross-Cultural Art Opportunities

Nestled among the picturesque landscapes of West Marin, California, a close-knit community of Latinx photographers has not only cultivated their artistic talents but also forged a resilient bond. The bilingual and award-winning documentary, “The Latinx Photography Project,” is currently accessible on the PBS app and is scheduled to air on local PBS and World Channels across the United States from September 15 to 26, offering a compelling glimpse into the journeys of Latinx photographers as they hone their craft and leadership skills. To find your local broadcast schedule, visit: https://t.ly/_BHr8

Initiated in 2003, the Latino Photography Project was initially conceived to empower Latina women living on ranches in West Marin, California, equipping them with essential literacy, photography, and computer skills. Filmmaker Alejandro Palacios, who relocated to the area nearly a decade ago, stumbled upon this remarkable group and embarked on capturing its profound impact.

Alejandro Palacios shared his motivation, stating, “This project opened doors for individuals who typically wouldn’t have access to learning or showcasing their art in gallery spaces. As an immigrant and an artist within this community, I strongly resonated with their stories. It was imperative for me to delve deeper into the lives of these passionate and resilient photographers, and create a film that conveys their powerful message.”

For more information, please visit Latinx Photography Project or contact Alejandro Palacios at alejandro@latinxphotoproject.com.

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