New York Exhibition Unveils Shijie Hai’s “Thresholds”

On the evening of 20 April 2024, at 6 p.m., the Temple Gallery in Manhattan became the stage for an eagerly awaited cultural event – the press conference for Shijie Hai’s solo exhibition entitled “Thresholds.” Journalists had the opportunity to interact with this internationally celebrated contemporary visual artist, renowned for his distinctive artistic approach and deep engagement with current social issues. His latest exhibition, “Thresholds,” consists of two series, “Territory” and “Fortikaĵo,” which delve into the nuanced interactions between individuals and their surroundings. The exhibition challenges viewers to reflect on themes of identity, emotional connection, and the trajectory of future progress.

Shijie Hai‘Fortikaĵo 5 ’ Digital Prin

Reporters learned that Shijie Hai’s “Territory” series is derived from a graphic novel titled “Territory,” set in London, which explores the sense of belonging individuals feel towards their environment and interpersonal relationships. Through delicate emotional expressions in visual art, Shijie Hai portrays the complexity and vulnerability of human emotions. The works in the exhibition delve into the connections between individuals and the city, intimate relationships, and how these relationships may fracture over time and under changing circumstances, showcasing the potential disintegration of seemingly stable relationships in daily life.

Shijie Hai‘Territory 10’ Gouache Painting
Shijie Hai‘Territory 16’ Gouache Painting
Another part of Shijie Hai’s works comes from the “Fortikaĵo” series, which innovates upon the foundation of “Territory” and employs CGI technology to construct a worldview imbued with primitive aesthetics. In this virtual world, Shijie Hai explores the relationship between humanity and technology, nature, sparking profound reflections on the interaction between human civilization and the natural world. These works possess surrealistic imagination while also containing explorations and visions of the future, leading viewers into a world full of unknowns and possibilities.

Shijie Hai‘Fortikaĵo 1’ Digital Print

Shijie Hai’s artistic creation is not only an exploration of visual forms but also a profound reflection on contemporary society, culture, and human existence. With his unique perspective, he examines the connections and separations between humans and their environment, triggering deep reflections on societal issues among viewers. In this exhibition, viewers not only experience the visual and emotional impact of the artworks but also delve into the subtle relationship between individuals and their environment, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing humanity in a constantly changing world.

Shijie Hai‘Fortikaĵo 5 ’ Digital Prin

The opening reception for the exhibition will be held at 6 p.m. on April 23, 2024, at the Temple Gallery in New York, and the exhibition will run until April 30. This exhibition will be a journey of thought on contemporary society and the meaning of human existence. You are welcome to join us in exploring together.

Exhibition Theme: Thresholds – Shijie Hai New York Exhibition
Exhibition Dates: April 23-30, 2024
Exhibition Address: Temple Gallery, 108 Madison St, New York, NY10002, United States
Organizers: Gallery NAT / ArtX Gallery
Curators: Xi Wang / Metacher
Artist: Shijie Hai
The successful hosting of this exhibition will not only bring new visual experiences to the New York art scene but also inject new vitality into the development and exploration of international contemporary art.

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