‘In a Field by a Bridge’: London’s New Sustainable Festival Embraces Community and Inspires Change

This July, a brand new festival called ‘In a Field by a Bridge’ will make its debut, offering a unique and inspiring backdrop for a weekend of sustainable living and community celebration. Taking place in Potters Fields Park, adjacent to the renowned London Bridge, the festival aims to showcase the incredible landmarks of London while promoting green spaces, rich history, stunning architecture, a diverse community, and thriving businesses. The event highlights the district’s cultural innovation, sustainability, and excitement, making it one of the most promising areas in London.

The festival, which will be held on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July, serves as an opportunity to demonstrate London Bridge’s commitment to becoming a leading environmentally-focused business district. With a focus on transitioning to a carbon-neutral economy and encouraging low-impact living and healthy lifestyles, ‘In a Field by a Bridge’ aims to create a positive and long-lasting impact on the local community.

In recent years, the London Bridge community has been actively addressing global challenges through local commitments. Aligned with the ambitious goals of Southwark Council and the Mayor of London, local businesses have embarked on a unique routemap to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. This collective effort aims to significantly reduce the district’s annual carbon emissions of 130,000 tonnes, which is equivalent to powering 25,295 homes for a year. ‘In a Field by a Bridge’ will provide a platform to showcase various ways in which individuals and communities can decarbonise, inspiring new ideas for low-carbon living that can be integrated into daily routines.

The festival offers a diverse and engaging program aimed at educating and inspiring greener living through creative programming. Attendees can look forward to live performances, interactive workshops, film screenings, architectural tours, family activities, and much more.

Notable highlights from the festival’s program include conversations with Keith Brymer Jones and Wayne Hemingway, who will discuss the pottery production history of Potters Fields, as well as their shared experiences in music and building creative businesses. Andrew Logan will also launch his new mirrored artworks, ‘The Pollinators’, during a joyful parade at the festival, featuring recycled and reimagined materials. Additionally, there will be talks, debates, and roundtables on topics such as nature-based social prescribing, urban gardening, community intervention projects, and the power of nature’s misfits.

‘In a Field by a Bridge’ will also feature a mass participatory clay workshop by Clayground Collective, a community cookout called ‘Feast in a Field’ by social enterprise Beyond Food, musical performances by the London Vegetable Orchestra, and various workshops by Morley College that allow attendees to explore their creativity through clay, sculpture, paint, and textiles.

The festival aims to enable and encourage sustainable living through education, action, and creative experiences. By providing a platform for community engagement and showcasing innovative initiatives, ‘In a Field by a Bridge’ hopes to inspire individuals to embrace greener lifestyles and contribute to the ongoing transition to a more sustainable future.

With its focus on sustainability, community, and creativity, ‘In a Field by a Bridge’ promises to be a memorable event that sets a new standard for environmentally-focused festivals in London.

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