GUIDA.TV: Redefining TV Listings in Italy

The innovative TV listings platform, GUIDA.TV, is now officially available in Italy. Created by On TV Tonight, this platform brings a new dimension to television viewing in Italy, combining expertise from its success in America, Canada, and Australia.  The platform is an ideal reference point to discover what’s on TV tonight, offering unprecedented access to television content.

GUIDA.TV is designed as a comprehensive reference for Italian viewers, offering a streamlined way to navigate the vast array of TV content available today.

Key features of GUIDA.TV include user-friendly reminders, an intuitive interface, real-time updates, and an interactive rating system for programs.

Glen Murphy, Managing Director of On TV Tonight, remarked, “Television enthusiasts in Italy will find GUIDA.TV not just a TV listings service, but an indispensable companion to their TV viewing. Whether it’s a favorite TV series, movie, sport, or children’s programs, we are committed to ensuring all Italian TV viewers are informed and ready to enjoy the best that TV has to offer.”

Looking ahead, GUIDA.TV will enhance its services with a search engine for streaming services and dedicated mobile apps.

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