Enhancing the Craft of Commercial Film Production: Launch of Producers’ Happy Hour Podcast’s Fifth Season

Set to debut its much-anticipated fifth season on 20th February 2024, Producers’ Happy Hour stands as the quintessential podcast for production aficionados in the film and commercial sphere.

Season 5 Highlights
Season 5, moulded by our expanding listener base’s desire for targeted advice, promises to deliver forthright dialogues, seasoned expert interviews, and essential insights into production. Shaped by the feedback we’ve amassed, this season will delve into pertinent topics such as thriving as a career freelancer, navigating challenging client interactions, focused career progression, and insights into director rosters. All this, complemented by our hallmark cocktail recipes and a sprinkling of wit.

Welcome to Our Educational Evolution
As Season 5 approaches, we’re excited to announce a significant development – the introduction of online learning courses. We intimately understand the struggles of finding one’s way in the production realm without formal education or mentorship, having been in those shoes ourselves. The resources we’re now introducing were once conspicuously absent.

Our mission is deeply personal. We aim to become the mentors we once needed, offering our community a “Producer’s Playbook“. This initiative is designed to fill the knowledge gaps, present fresh production perspectives, and bolster your expertise. This season will reveal online courses that surpass conventional filmmaking classes. These courses will focus on practical producing skills, offering guidance on managing client and crew relationships, bidding and budgeting strategies, and providing intricate details in specific production areas – insights far beyond textbook knowledge.

Origins of Producers’ Happy Hour
Launching its inaugural episode just before the COVID-19 lockdown, Lawrence Lewis and Sister Christian, the spirited pair behind Producers’ Happy Hour, ventured into unknown territory. The rapidly evolving landscape and immediate industry challenges spurred them into decisive action. In response to the need for up-to-the-minute information, they converted the podcast into a daily resource for the initial three months, offering pertinent insights during a notably turbulent period in recent production history.

Overcoming Industry Obstacles and Removing Gatekeeping
Producers’ Happy Hour has consistently aimed to provide more than just industry insights and cocktail recipes. With over two decades of experience each, Lawrence and Sister Christian are committed to empowering future producers by breaking down barriers and abolishing gatekeepers. With their goal to impart the practical advice and knowledge they wish they had received early in their careers, they are democratising production education for everyone.

Join us for enlightening discussions, expert interviews, and now, bespoke learning experiences that strengthen your capabilities in the production world. Here’s to broadening your knowledge and mastering the art of making things happen!

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