Confrontation Unveiled: The US Versus China in a New Podcast Series

Airwave podcast network is delighted to unveil “FACE-OFF: THE U.S. VS. CHINA“, a compelling eight-part series. Launching with two episodes on the 9th of April, 2024, the podcast is helmed by Jane Perlez, a Pulitzer Prize laureate and former New York Times journalist, alongside esteemed China historian, Rana Mitter.

FACE-OFF” delves into the intricate dynamics between China and the United States, tracing their journey from diplomatic engagement to the current state of strained relations. In an era where the US deems China its most formidable adversary, this series aims to resonate with a global audience, offering insights into the escalating tensions and the historical backdrop of this geopolitical rift. The podcast is designed to captivate those fascinated by international affairs, cultural interplay, economic ties, and political history, featuring a diverse lineup of diplomats, intelligence agents, cultural icons, and specialists in technology and defence.

The inaugural episode revisits a successful diplomatic intervention by a former US Navy Admiral in 2001, which secured the release of detained American military personnel in China, contrasting it with how a similar situation might unfold under the current geopolitical climate. The second episode scrutinises the intricate ties between Apple and China.

Jane Perlez, awarded the Pulitzer Prize and former chief of the New York Times Beijing bureau, hosts “FACE-OFF”. She is joined by Professor Rana Mitter, a distinguished historian of China at the Harvard Kennedy School. The podcast is the brainchild of executive producer Mia Label and benefits from the financial support of the Carnegie Corporation’s endowment.

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