Recent Survey Highlights Concerns for Jewish Students in UK Universities

A newly conducted comprehensive survey has brought to light the experiences of Jewish students at university campuses across the UK.

The Global Student Living Index, which evaluates student experiences globally, collected responses from over 40,000 students attending more than 100 UK universities from 1st October to 5th December 2023.

The survey’s key findings are cause for concern: less than half (46%) of Jewish students feel that their university is attentive to their wellbeing. This is in sharp contrast to Muslim students, 64% of whom believe their university cares about their welfare, similar to 65% of the overall student body.

Digging deeper, the data reveals a worrying trend among Jewish students. Satisfaction dropped dramatically from 58% in October to just 33% by the end of November. This significant decline highlights the need for urgent action to meet the unique challenges Jewish students face, aiming for a more inclusive and supportive university environment.

Tim Daplyn, CEO at Global Student Living, shared his thoughts on the findings: “We know that many institutions have made substantial efforts to reassure and support both Jewish and Muslim students through what has been a traumatic period for many, so this new data will be disappointing. What’s clear is that efforts need to be redoubled and sustained when students return to campuses in the new year to ensure that all students feel the security and sense of belonging they need to thrive.”

Global Student Living pledges to continue its monitoring of student experiences, both on and off-campus, and urges universities to take part in the upcoming research phase set for February to May 2024.

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